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wyoming drivers license renewal - WY

Renew your Wyoming drivers license. Prepare all your DOT info. Get all the forms, rules and steps required for your WY drivers license renewal. All residents in Wyoming must renew their expiring driver's license either by showing up in person to a DOT office or by sending your application via mail. If you elect to go in person you'll need to visit a driver exam office that is next to you. You can also use our website and download your driver renewing checklist. We’ll supply you with all of the necessary forms, rules, and steps in order for you to be fully prepared for your licensing request. Please continue reading below to get started with your Wyoming license renewal.

Wyoming Drivers License Renewal Information

Expiration Date

In the Equality State, regular Class C driver's licenses are valid for a total of four (4) years and therefore must be renewed every 4 years. To verify your expiration date, please take a look at the front face of your current driver's license. It will have a space that will show the expiration date. 

Renewal Notice

The Wyoming DOT will conveniently mail you a friendly reminder of your upcoming renewal one hundred and twenty (120) days before the expiration of your license. If you would like to be sure that you receive this notice you must keep the DOT updated with your most recent accurate mailing address. If you have moved or had an address change please notify the DOT. This notice is not required in order to renew but it will contain handy instructions and your renewal application. You may instead download the form here. If renewing by mail you will need to send additional requirements which we will cover below. 

When To Renew

Since you will receive your renewal reminder one hundred and twenty (120) days days before your license expires, you are welcome to renew at that time. Note: If you must renew before 120 days, you will not be prevented from doing so. However, depending on your age, your renewal time may vary

  • If you are older than twenty one (21) years, you may renew 120 days before your expiration. 
  • If you are younger than twenty one (21) years, you may renew 90 days before your expiration. 
  • If you are younger than twenty one (21) years and wishing to upgrade to an adult license, you may renew 30 days before your expiration. 

Renewing ahead of time is always best so that your license doesn't expire and even more requirements will have to be met.

Expired Wyoming License

Wyoming will give you plenty of time to renew before your license expires. Please use that option because once your license expires, you will be driving illegally, and can be ticketed if pulled over by a police officer. If it has been expired for over one (1) month you will not be allowed to conveniently renew by mail. On top of that, any license that has expired may not be allowed to renew in person, but instead must re-apply as a new applicant. This could mean having to retake all three tests (written, eye, and driving test).  

If your license is placed in suspension, your driving privileges will be taken away for a set amount of time. There are many violations which can cause a suspension. Examples of these are DUI convictions, reckless driving or receiving more than three (3) tickets in a 1 year period. There are other violations as well. If you repeatedly break these laws, your license will be revoked.

After your suspension period, you apply for a restoration of your driving rights. These includes paying a reinstate fee of at least $50.00. Your next concern is finding an affordable insurance rate because your insurance company will increase your rates. We can assist you in finding the best premiums in your area by using our free Insurance Guide.

Renew Wyoming Drivers License Online

Unfortunately, in Wyoming you are not allowed to renew online.

Wyoming Drivers License Renew by Mail

All drivers in Wyoming may use the renew by mail option unless you don't meet the criteria described below.

Requirements to Renew By Mail

  • Commercial Driver License holders may not use this by mail option because you must go in person to take your knowledge test. However, you may renew by mail if you are not concerned with keeping your H or X endorsements.
  • You may only use this option every other renewal cycle (exception are active duty military drivers). In other words, if you last renewed by mail you must go in person this time. 
  • Your license cannot have expired over one (1) month ago. 
  • You must either be a U.S. citizen or a lawful Permanent Resident. You must have a Social Security Number.
  • You must have an instate Wyoming address (exception are active duty military drivers).


  1. Open the renewal notice that was mailed to you. If you did not receive it, you may download the renewal application from the site or call (307) 777-4800.
  2. Complete the renewal application in black ink only. 
  3. Be sure to read everything carefully. You must fill in your name, address, home address, birth date, social security number, birth city, hair and eye color, weight, height and gender. You will also be asked a series of question, some of which are about your medical history.
  4. Copies of two (2) documents which show Proof of Residency.
    • Examples that will satisfy this are your car registration, utility bill, voter registration, rent agreement.  
    • For a complete list of the documents that will be accepted, please call (307) 777-4810.
  5. If you are on active duty, you do not need to show Proof of Residency but instead must send a copy of your military ID (front part only).
  6. Permanent residents must send copies of their immigration papers.
  7. Your signature and date of application are required.
  8. Include payment for the $15.00 renewal fee. Write the payment to WYDOT. Please use only money orders or checks. Note: Expired license holders must add a $5.00 fee.
  9. Your last picture will be used. 
  10. To download a pdf file of the required steps, click here.


Your license will take between thirty (30) to sixty (60) days to be sent to you. If you would like to contact WYDOT to inquire about your drivers license status please use any of the following methods:

By using their website: Click Here.
By calling their phone number: (307) 777-4800 or (307) 777-4810

Wyoming Drivers License Renewal for Military Drivers

If you are currently on active duty you may apply to renew by mail. In general the instructions are the same as the ones for all other drivers (please see section above). The differences are as follows:

  • You may renew by mail as many times as necessary. You do not need to follow the rule that says that you may only renew every other time by mail. 
  • An additional requirement is that you must include a copy of your military ID (front part only) along with your renewal packet. 
  • You do not have to include proof of Wyoming residence.
  • For the rest of the steps, please read the renew by mail section. 

Renew Wyoming Drivers License In Person

Everyone is welcome to renew in person.

Requirements to Renew In Person

  • If the last time that you renewed your license was by mail, this time you must renew in person at a driver exam office. 
  • If your license has expired for over one (1) month, you must renew at an office.
  • You must be legally present in the U.S. Social security or proof of lawful status is required.


  1. Bring and show your current expiring driver's license as proof of ID.
  2. You will need to show proof that you are a U.S. citizen (read section below for details). For non U.S. citizens, you must show additional documents. 
  3. Show proof of social security number (read below for details).
  4. You must bring copies of two (2) documents which show Proof of Residency in Wyoming (read section below for details).
  5. Find a local driver exam office in order to process your renewal.
  6. Take and pass an eye examination. 
  7. If you have a physical condition which could affect your driving abilities please download and have your doctor complete the following form.  For eye problems, please have an eye care specialist fill in this form.
  8. Bring money to pay the COST of $15.00.
  9. Your picture will be taken.

You must wait a maximum of sixty (60) days to receive your new license as it will be mailed to you. To inquire about your license please fill in the form at the following official WYDOT web page.

Wyoming Drivers License Renewal Documents

The following documents are a requirement to renew in person. 

  • You must show proof of citizenship. Bring either a certified birth certificate OR your U.S. passport. 
  • If you are not a U.S. citizen OR are a permanent resident you must show one (1) of these:
    • Certificate of naturalization
    • Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA).
    • Permanent resident card.
    • Employment authorization document.
    • Foreign passport with an active visa and Form I-94.
  • Your social security number must be proved by showing a W-2, tax papers, or actual social security card. 
  • Two (2) documents which prove Wyoming residency. These can be:
    • Utility bill.
    • Voter registration card.
    • Rent agreement.  
    • Car registration.

Auto Insurance

Having liability protection in the form of auto insurance is mandatory in Wyoming. Failure to carry liability insurance will result in a mandatory suspension of your driver's license. Upon renewing your license, it's always wise to see if you qualify for lower rates. We can assist you in doing so by comparing quotes at our Insurance Guide section. Our service is free and will only take a minute. 


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