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massachusetts drivers license renewal - MA

Renew your Massachusetts Drivers license. Prepare all your RMV info. Get all the forms, rules and steps required for your MA drivers license renewal. There are two different manners in which you can renew your license in Massachusetts. The following are your options: By walking into an RMV branch (or an RMV full service location), or by doing an online transaction. If you decide to show up in person, use the locator tool to find an rmv service office. Your other alternative is to use our site and download your checklist. We’ll supply you with all of the necessary forms, rules, and steps. Please continue reading below to get started with your Massachusetts license renewal.

Massachusetts Drivers License Renewal Information

Expiration Date

The expiration date of your license can be verified by looking at the date on your actual driver’s license. Normally, Massachusetts licenses are valid for five (5) years. However, if this is your first license, it will expire on your fifth (5th) birthday from the date in which is was first given to you. Your expiration date will always fall on your date of birth. Drivers who renew while under twenty one (21) years of age, will receive a license that is clearly labeled as Under 21. Please remember that you must carry your license at all times while driving. If you would like to learn more about the technology and security features used on the photo licenses, please read here.

Renewal Notice

You will not receive a renewal notice via mail or electronically via email. This service has been discontinued. If you would like to contact the RMV about your renewal options, please do so here.  If you decide to renew online or in person, please be sure to plan your renewal at least seven days before your current license expires (on your birth day). The state of MA is not responsible for your failure to renew on time, therefore it is crucial for you to check the date of expiration which appears on your license.

When To Renew

It’s best if you renew your driver’s license on, or before its expiration date. If you would like to prepare ahead of time, Massachusetts will allow you to renew your license one (1) year before it expires. Don't risk having an expired license because you may not drive with an invalid license.

Expired Massachusetts License

You are still able to renew even if your expiration date has already passed. However, If you wait more than four (4) years after it expires, you will have to retake the learner’s permit test and driving test. It is against the law to drive with an expired license.


If you are a Massachusetts resident with a suspended license, do not drive or you will face criminal prosecution. Penalties can include jail time and fines. In order to have your driving privilege returned, you must go through reinstatement. This is done by applying for a hearing where the officer will study your case. After a suspension, finding reasonable insurance rates can be challenging. That's why its recommended to shop around by using our car insurance quote page. 

Renew Massachusetts Drivers License Online

Renewing online is quick and easy. 

Requirements to Renew Online

  • You must have a social security number
  • You must be less than seventy five (75) years old. If older, you must go In Person. However, it's a good idea to proceed with online renewal. You will not be allowed to renew, but you will be given the option to download your application which you will need to take in person.
  • Your current license must have been issued when you were older than twenty one (21) years of age.
  • You will not be allowed to renew online consecutively. If you last renewed online, you will not be allowed this time.
  • You will not be allowed to renew online if you need to have your name changed. 
  • You must not have any unpaid parking fines, excise taxes, ezpass violations, or unpaid child support.  
  • CDL drivers may not renew online. 
  • Your current license cannot be more than nine (9) years old. 


  2. Follow the instructions on the above page carefully. You'll be asked for your driver's license number, birth date and SSN.
  3. Prepare to pay the $50.00 renewal Fee for a five (5) year Class D drivers license. Same price for a class M motorcycle license. All forms of credit card are accepted.
  4. Upon payment, you will receive your new license by mail in no longer than ten (10) business days

Note: If you wish to ask more detailed questions about your options, please contact your state's RMV office:

Website: Click Here.
Phone Number: (800) 858-3926.

Massachusetts Drivers License Renew by Mail

You may not renew by mail in the state of Massachusetts.

Renew Massachusetts Drivers License In Person

This is your only option if you are not eligible to renew online. 

Requirements to Renew In Person

  • You must have a verifiable social security number. If not, the RMV will mail you a notice informing you that you may not renew. 
  • The RMV will run a driving record check. You must not be on any suspension or revocation. 
  • You must not have any unpaid parking fines, excise taxes, ezpass violations, or unpaid child support.  


  1. Prepare your identification and renewal documents. Read the section below for details.
  2. Download and fill out the following License Card Application 21042 form.
    • Note: You must fill out the section titled Identification and General Information. You must then fill out any other sections pertinent to your case. Don't forget to fill out the Signature section at the bottom. 
  3. Visit the most convenient rmv service office in Massachusetts.
  4. All drivers must pass a vision test
  5. Bring money to pay the $50.00 renewal Fee for a five (5) year Class D drivers license.
    • Note: Some branches only accept credit card or checks.
  6. Upon satisfying all the above steps, the RMV will mail your new license and will arrive in approximately seven (7) days. During those 7 days, please carry the receipt which was given to you. It will serve as a temporary driving permit while your final license arrives.    


Note: If more than seven (7) days have passed and you have not received your license, contact the RMV at:

Website: Click Here.
Phone Number: (800) 858-3926.

Massachusetts Drivers License Renewal Documents

  • Bring your current drivers license (which is about to expire).
  • Provide your Social Security Number. It must be a valid Social Security Number that is verified with the Social Security Administration. Note: If your SSN is not validated by the SSA, you must request from them a written denial notice. In addition to this official letter, you must show the following items:
    • Proof of your current legal status (visa), your I-94, and your foreign passport.