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north carolina drivers license name change - NC

Do you need to change the name on your license? Process your North Carolina Drivers license name now and avoid spending time on the DMV site. You’ll have to make sure that you complete a few steps before you’re allowed to make the change with NC DMV. Our mission is to help ease the process of figuring out the steps required to perform this change. Please continue reading below and use our site to download your easy to follow guide.

North Carolina Drivers License Name Change Information

As soon as you legally change your name, you will have to notify the North Carolina DMV within sixty (60) days. You must also notify the Social Security Administration about your change or the DMV will not accept your request. Once your change is approved by the DMV, you must apply for a duplicate license.

Social Security Administration (SSA) Name Change

In order to have the Social Security Administration update your name you must do the following:


  1. You have the option of going in person or submitting the application by mail.
  2. Download and fill out an application for social security card form SS-5.
    • Read the instructions on this form carefully. Instructions are on page 3.
    • You will be asked to enter personal items such as your name, place of birth, date of birth, race, sex, etc..
  3. Show the documents which prove your legal name change.
    • If changing name due to marriage, you must show the original or copy (certified) of your marriage.
    • If changing name due to divorce, you must show the original or copy (certified) of your divorce.
    • If you do not have these documents, you may try to find them by clicking on vital records search.
    • If changing name due to U.S. Citizenship, you must show the original or copy (certified) of your naturalization or citizenship.
    • If changing name due to court order, you must show the original or copy (certified) of court order.
  4. Show one of the following documents that prove your Identity.
    • U.S.A passport or
    • U.S.A. drivers license or
    • U.S.A. ID card.
    • There is a possibility that other items could be accepted. These include school ID, military ID, health insurance, or employer ID card.
  5. Show proof of your U.S.A. Citizenship (only if the SSA does not have this info). If you are not a citizen, then you must prove that you are lawfully able to reside in the U.S. Documents accepted are as follows:
    • For U.S. Citizens show one of the following:
      • Passport (from the U.S.) or 
      • Birth certificate (from the U.S.)
      • Consular Report of Birth (from the U.S.)
    • For Non-U.S. Citizens show one of the following:
      • Citizenship certificate 
      • Naturalization certificate
  6. Special Note about documents above: Copies must be certified or you must show original documents. Everything else will be rejected.
  7. Click Here for the complete list of documents allowed.
  8. Once your application and documents are received and approved, you will receive your new social security card in the mail in no more than ten (10) business days. Your card number will not change.

For further questions, you may contact the SSA here.

In Person


  1. Your first step is to visit the Social Security Administration and perform the change with them. Please read the SSA name change section above for complete instructions.  It's best to wait for at least two (2) days after performing the change with the SSA before visiting the DMV offices.
  2. You must go in person to any one of the north carolina dmv office.
  3. Bring your name change documents (read the cost section below) with you to the office.
  4. Make payment for the cost (read the documents required section below) of the name change.

Note: To keep your safety and prevent identity theft and errors in motor vehicle records, the NC DMV does not accept the use of nicknames or initials in your records. If you have used a nickname, initials or an incomplete name, please be prepared to update your record on your next visit to the office of driver's licenses and vehicle registration. 

Cost for North Carolina Drivers License Name Change

For a duplicate drivers license, or learner permit, or commercial license, the fee is $10.00 with your new name on it.

Use the following North Carolina fees page to see the latest prices.     

The only forms of payment accepted are cash, checks (must be personal) or money orders.

Documents Required

The name change can be made by submitting one of the following (depending on the reason for the name change):

  • Marriage certificate (must be certified).
  • Court or register of deeds stating that the name change took place.
  • Divorce decree stating the name change.

Drivers License Address Change North Carolina

In addition to having changed your name, if you've recently moved or have simply changed mailing address, you will need to formally notify the North Carolina DMV within sixty (60) days of making the address change. 

We've outlined the entire process in easy to follow steps. Simply visit our drivers license address change North Carolina page to find out how to perform the required changes.


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