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oregon drivers license renewal - OR

Renew your Oregon Drivers license. Prepare all your DMV info. Get all the forms, rules and steps required for your OR drivers license renewal. Most renewals in Oregon are processed by going in Person to an oregon dmv office near you. However, you will be allowed to renew by mail if you fall under certain conditions. If you are temporarily living away from the state, or if you are serving on active duty, you may request that your license be renewed via mail. Another very convenient method to insure that you are adequately prepared for your renewal, is by signing up with our website in order to receive your renewal checklist. We’ll supply you with all of the required rules, forms, and procedures. Please continue reading below to get started with your Oregon license renewal.

Oregon Drivers License Renewal Information

Expiration Date

Class C licenses in the Beaver State expire every eight (8) years . The face of your drivers license will state its exact expiration date.

Renewal Notice

The OR DMV sends out renewal reminders exactly two (2) months before its expiration. That's why its very important to maintain your address updated in the Oregon DMV database. Otherwise, you will not be reminded of your renewal date. The DMV also sends out important information about your drivers license via mail. Note: You must keep track of your own renewal date even though you did or did not receive a reminder via mail.

When To Renew

Always renew your drivers license on time and don't wait to renew after the expiration date or you will be driving with an inactive license.  

Expired Oregon License

It's against state law to operate a car with an expired license. If and when you decide to renew your expired license, you may not be allowed. If one (1) or more years have passed since its expiration date, you will not be allowed to renew it. In this case, your only option is to apply as a new applicant. All tests must be retaken. The only exception is for drivers who are on active duty.

A whole host of violations may cause your license to be suspended. if you are caught littering from inside your vehicle, you will be fined and possibly have your license suspended. Careless driving and injuring a pedestrian, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI), may provoke your license to be suspended or revoked. You will know if your license has been suspended or canceled because the DMV will mail you a suspension notice. 

In order to restore your drivers license you must pay a reinstatement fee of $75.00. To read more about Oregon's laws concerning suspensions, please click here. Once your license has been restored, you will want to shop around for the best insurance quote. Please use our website for this. 

Renew Oregon Drivers License Online

Oregon does not allow driver's licenses to be renewed online. Your only alternative is to go In Person.

Oregon Drivers License Renew by Mail

Not everyone is allowed to use this option. You must meet these conditions:

Requirements to Renew By Mail 

  • You must be currently away from the state of Oregon. 
  • Your drivers license has not expired for more than one (1) year. If so, your only option is to apply for a new one in person.


  1. First you need to find out if you are eligible to renew by mail. The DMV will be able to tell you. You must contact them Online by submitting a request for a "Valid-With-Previous-Photo (VWPP)" license. The link provided for the online request will ask you to enter your name, Oregon address, phone number, drivers license number, email address, and out of state (alternate) mailing address. In the last section of the form be sure to specify that you would like to have a VWPP packet mailed to your out of state (alternate) address.  
  2. If you wish to contact the DMV directly for your renew by mail packet please call them at (503) 945-5400 OR any of the following phone numbers
  3. Alternatively you may write to them at the following address:

    DMV Headquarters
    1905 Lana Ave NE
    Salem, OR  97314

The packet will be sent via mail to your out of state address. Please follow all directions. The cost to renew a Class C license is currently $40.00.  

Oregon Drivers License Renewal for Military Drivers

Depending on your location, you will have to take different approaches for renewing your class C driver's license. If you are currently serving the U.S. Armed Forces and reside inside the state of Oregon, you must go In Person to have your license renewed. On the other hand, if you are currently on active duty away from Oregon, you may renew via mail by ordering a renewal packet. Let's cover this method below:

Renewal Steps and Conditions for U.S. Military Drivers

  • You must be outside the state of Oregon. 
  • You must fill out a "Valid-With-Previous-Photo (VWPP)" packet. The only way to get this packet is by having the DMV send it to your out of state address. To do this, contact them Online by submitting a request or call this number: (503) 945-5400.
  • The Online Link provided above will ask you to enter your name, Oregon address, phone number, drivers license number, email address, and out of state (alternate) mailing address. In the last section of the form be sure to specify that you would like to have a VWPP packet mailed to your out of state (alternate) address.
    • Note: The VWPP option is only available if your picture is stored with the DMV and the picture is not older than nine (9) years and two (2) months.
  • Once you receive the packet, please follow the instructions located inside it. These are the steps:
    1. You will need to make a copy of both sides of your military ID. 
    2. Signature will be required on a Proof of Good Cause/Waiver form.
    3. Prove that you are a resident of Oregon by completing the CERTIFICATION OF OREGON RESIDENCY OR DOMICILE Form.
    4. You will need to include a copy of your LES (Leave Earning Statement), which must show Oregon as your home of record.
    5. Your license cannot be suspended (anywhere in the U.S.).
  • A Vision Test Form is required for drivers over fifty (50) years of age.
  • For dependents or spouses: You must follow the same steps, but instead show the documents from the person in your family who is on active duty. Dependents must give out their social security number.
  • Make payment for the Fee of $40.00. Payment can only be made as a Check or Money Order
  • Please mail your packet to:

    DMV Headquarters
    1905 Lana Ave NE
    Salem, OR  97314

Click Here for questions about the Fees. For questions please contact the DMV using their website.

Renew Oregon Drivers License In Person

Most Oregon drivers must renew in person at a DMV office. 

Requirements to Renew In Person

  • If one (1) or more years have passed since your expiration date, you will not be allowed to renew. Instead, you must file for a new license.
  • You must live in Oregon. To see if you qualify for residency, please visit this page.
  • Your license must be active. If you are currently serving a suspension period in any other state (or in Oregon), you may not renew here.
  • You must be lawfully present in the U.S. (social security number required), and you must prove that you live in Oregon. 


  1. Complete and download the following Oregon Renewal Application Form.
  2. The application will ask you a few medical questions such as:
    1. Does your vision prevent you from driving safely? Note: Eye glasses, contacts or surgery are ok.
    2. Have you been diagnosed with a mental or physical problem that prevents you from driving?
    3. Do alcohol or drugs prevent you from driving safely?
    4. If you've answered Yes to any of these, you may not renew your license until you've proven that your condition allows you to drive safely. 
  3. Bring your documents that show proof of identity, birth date, name, legal presence, social security number, and Oregon residence (not required for all drivers), and give a mailing address. Read more below
  4. Vision test is required only if you are fifty (50) years or older.
  5. Bring money to pay for the cost of $40.00. The only forms of payment are Checks or Cash. Some office locations will have an ATM.
  6. Your picture will be taken.
  7. You must bring your expiring drivers license and hand it in (it will be hole punched and returned to you).
  8. Visit your oregon dmv office.

Your final license will be sent via mail. In the meantime, you will be given a temporary one.

Oregon Drivers License Renewal Documents

You are required to bring the following documents when processing a renewal.

List of Documents

Auto Insurance

It's very important to have protection for you and your family if involved in an auto accident. The law in Oregon requires that your car be insured. You must always carry your proof of insurance while driving. The rates vary greatly between companies and is decided based on conditions such as your driving history, credit report, and the type of vehicle that you are insuring. To get the most affordable rates for you, please visit our Insurance Center.


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