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drivers license address change michigan - MI

Recently moved and need to change the address that appears on your license? Process your Michigan Drivers license address change now and avoid having to visit an SOS office. The Michigan Secretary of State division gives you several different options in which to process an address update on your drivers license. Using the online website is the quickest method. You can also send the change via mail. If you prefer to talk to someone face to face, you may show up in person at a secretary of state office. Whichever method you select, please make sure that you meet all of the requirements and rules. If you prefer, we can help you through the process. Use the link below to register on our site, and download and print your MI address change guide.

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Michigan Drivers License Address Change Information

It is Michigan state law to update your address as soon as you move. This address must also match the one on your voter registration card. If you fail to update your address with the Department of State, your license can be taken away or suspended. The other important reason for keeping a current address is because important notices about your driving record or drivers license will be mailed to your address on file. When it's time to renew your Michigan license, a notice will be mailed to you.

In Person


  1. You will need to bring your current drivers license (with the old address). 
  2. Find the nearest secretary of state office office in Michigan.
  3. There is no charge to have your address updated.
  4. Upon completion, the SOS DMV employees will give you a sticker that you will need to place in the back of your license.

By Mail


  • Download the Michigan Change of Address Form . This form can also be used to register to vote in MI.
  • Follow the directions carefully on the above form. 
  • There is no cost to make this change.
  • Mail the form to the following address:

    Michigan Department of State
    PO Box 30764
    Lansing, MI  48909-8264

  • The Department of State will send a confirmation letter to your old address. This will also occur when updating your address by mail. If you wish to avoid this, your only option is to go In person

  • In no later than two (2) weeks, you will receive a sticker (with the new address) that you need to place on the reverse side of your current license. 



  • When changing online, a confirmation letter will be mailed to your old address. This letter will contain your new address. If you wish to avoid this letter from being mailed, your only option is to go In person
  • Open the following Online SOS page to get started. Make sure to click the link called "Update Address/Profile Details" to begin. 


A change of address is free. As long as use any of the described methods above and present the proper identification documents, you will not be charged. 

Documents Required

Please bring your current drivers license when making the update in person. When making the change online or by mail, no further documents are required.