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replacement of lost drivers license michigan - MI

Lost, stolen or destroyed your current license? Replace your Michigan Drivers license now and avoid going to the DMV. There are a few different ways in which to order a duplicate or replacement license in the state of MI. You must first meet the conditions outlined below and depending on whether you are currently located in state, out of state or out of the country, the methods will vary somewhat. Showing up in person to a secretary of state office is a quick way to get a duplicate issued immediately. Our online services can also be helpful to you. Just sign up using the link below and we'll supply you with a checklist and all of the necessary forms, rules, and steps.

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How to Replace Your Lost Michigan Drivers License

As soon as you realize that you license has been lost, stolen or damaged, immediately prepare to take action. Without your license you will not have proper identification and cannot drive without one in your possession. For Michigan residents who are in the state, please read the section titled In Person below. If you temporarily away from the state of MI, please follow the Out of State instructions. The following sections will cover each situation with greater detail. 

In Person

  1. You will need to show a document that proves your identity.  (see below for complete list)
  2. Get directions and drive to your local secretary of state office.
  3. The current fee for a replacement / duplicate Operator's drivers license is $9.00.
  4. When complete, the SOS office will give you your new license.


Michigan residents may use the online option as long as you must meet the following requirements:

Requirements to Replace Lost License Online

  • If you are a driver with an enhanced drivers license, you cannot use the online site. This option could be available in the near future.
  • Your drivers license must be current. It cannot be expired or on cancellation. 
  • You must be a U.S.A. citizen.
  • You must have a social security number.


  • The first step is to use your web browser to open the following WebPage. Or visit the following ExpressSOS Page and click where it says "Replace Driver's License".
  • You will be asked to enter the following pieces of personal information.
    • Complete name, birth date, eye color, last 4 digits of SSN and your driver's license number (from Michigan license). 
  • At the end of the transaction, you'll be required to pay the cost for replacement (there will be a small additional fee). The only types of cards allowed are Discover, Visa and MasterCard.
  • Make sure to have a printer available in order to print your receipt. 
  • Online address changes are also allowed at this time. If you do decide to change your address, it must be verified with the USPS, and your new license will take between two (2) and three (3) weeks to arrive. 

Note: If there is a problem with your online transaction, or you have not received your license, please contact the MI Secretary of State: 

Online: SOS Contact Page
Phone: Toll free number is 888-767-6424 OR Local number 517-322-1473. Remember that business hours are weekdays between 8:30am and 5pm.
Fax: 517-322-5438

By Mail or Fax - For Out of State Drivers

Michigan will allow drivers who suffer the inconvenience of losing their license while away from the state.

Requirements to Replace Lost License By Mail While Out of State

  • You must have a valid SSN. If not, then please contact and request a "letter of ineligibility". Click here for more detailed information on the social security requirement.


  1. Download the following online pdf application and fill it out the appropriate boxes. 
  2. You will need to send payment either via credit card or via a check / money order.
    • If paying by check / money order you must mail the application alongside the payment to the address below.
    • If paying by credit card you must fax the application to the number below.
  3. The latest fee for a driver license replacement is $9.00

Mail to the following address: 

 Michigan Department of State   
 Out-of-State Resident Services Unit
 7064 Crowner Drive  
 Lansing, MI 48918

Fax to the following number: 517-322-5438

Cost to Replace Lost Michigan Drivers License

Visit this SOS fees page to see the current prices for duplicates.

Documents needed to replace your Michigan Drivers License

Show one (1) of the following  Documents (Note: photocopies not allowed)

  • Birth certificate (must be certified).
  • Canadian passport.
  • Divorce or marriage documents.
  • Court order documents.
  • Military ID card.
  • Military discharge documents.
  • State of Michigan adoption records.
  • School Identification.

OR Show two (2) of the following Documents

  • Passport from another country.
  • I-94.
  • Refugee travel documents.
  • Valid Visa.
  • Employment authorization card.

Open and print this pdf file to see a complete list of your full identification list of documents. Notice column number 3.