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arkansas drivers license renewal - AR

Renew your Arkansas drivers license. Prepare all your ODS info. Get all the forms, rules and steps required for your AR drivers license renewal. As long as your are currently living in the state of Arkansas, you must go in person to have your license renewed. Simply plan a visit to any local revenue office. Exceptions can be made for drivers who are currently out of state, or drivers that are on active duty. In that case, you may renew by mail. We've created a useful compilation of everything that you must do. Just sign up below, and we’ll supply you with a to-do checklist, and all of the mandatory forms, rules, and steps.

Arkansas Drivers License Renewal Information

Expiration Date

Duration of your class D non commercial driver's license in The Natural State is of four (4) years. After four years you must renew to keep it active. The expiration day is easy to remember because it will always fall on your birthday. Your physical license card will also remind you of the expiration date. Just look where it says Expires.


Whenever you are driving any type of motor vehicle, your license should be with you. This is required, or you will receive a citation. Lost or misplaced driver licenses must be replaced as soon as you notice that it's missing. Please visit our Arkansas Drivers License Replacement page to order a duplicate.

Renewal Notice

On four (4) year intervals, it's possible that the AR Office of Driver Services will send you a reminder of your upcoming renewal. If so, you will receive a notice by mail. In order to make sure that you always receive updates from the ODS, please be sure to keep your address updated. Use our address change arkansas page to inform the department of your current address.

When To Renew

Plan a visit to your Revenue Office before the expiration of your license. There are no limits, and you may renew as early as you wish. Renewing on time will avoid unnecessary delays or complications. If you renew after the set date, your license will officially expire. 

Expired Arkansas License

If you were unable to renew before your expiration date, don't worry. You still have time to renew without paying a penalty or having to retake any tests. Don't wait any further, and go to your local revenue office, in any one of the seventy five counties of Arkansas. 


If your license was suspended here in Arkansas by Driver Control or in any other U.S. state, the same rules apply to your driving privilege. You will not be able to renew until you meet the conditions of your suspension or revocation. This could include paying reinstatement fees or passing required courses. Obtaining the proper insurance after a suspension (or revocation or cancellation), without seeing a significant increase in rates, can be a time consuming task. By giving us your zip code on our auto insurance quote page, we can use our trusted insurance partners to help you find the best rate.

Renew Arkansas Drivers License Online

The Arkansas Office of Driver Services is not setup to allow online renewals. 

Arkansas Drivers License Renew by Mail

Not everyone is allowed to renew by mail. You must meet certain qualifications. Some of these qualifications are as follows:

Requirements to Renew By Mail

  • You are studying outside of Arkansas.
  • You are current living outside of Arkansas because of an employment opportunity. 
  • You are on active duty serving in the military outside the state.
  • You are temporarily overseas. 

Out of State Renewal By Mail

Your first step is to contact the Office of Driver Services. Specifically the Driver's License Issuance section.


  1. You will need to either call the Arkansas ODS Driver's License department at (501) 682-7059 OR email your request to the supervisor at OR send your request via a letter to the following address:

    Driver's License Issuance
    Room 2120
    P.O. Box 1272
    Little Rock, AR 72203

  2. Driver's License Issuance will mail you a renewal application form which you will need to fill out. The form will contain exact instructions.
  3. Make payment for the cost of the renewal. It is currently $20.00.
  4. You'll need to mail a packet with the application and payment to the address provided in the form.
  5. Your new license will be shipped to you via mail.

If you have any questions or doubts about this process, please contact the Office of Driver Services by using any of the following means:

Phone: 501-682-7060
Fax: 501-682-7688
Send your question at online site: Online Contact Form

Arkansas Drivers License Renewal for Military Drivers

The AR ODS appreciates and understands the commitment that it takes to serve our country. Because of this, if you are on active duty outside of Arkansas, you are allowed to conveniently renew by mail. You do not need to return in state to process your renewal. Please follow the renew by mail instructions above. 

Renew Arkansas Drivers License In Person

This is the most common way of renewing for the residents of Arkansas. 

Requirements to Renew In Person

  • You must not be current serving a suspension, revocation, or cancellation of your driving privileges. 


  1. Gather your required documents (read section below that covers this).
  2. Get directions and visit any Arkansas local revenue office.
    • Note: If you are looking to obtain a Valid Without Photo license, there is only one location which will issue this: Please go to the Little Rock, Ragland Building in Room 2120 office.
  3. You may be required to pass a vision test.
  4. Be sure to bring payment for the renewal Fee.
    • The current fee is $20.00. License will be valid for 4 years.
  5. Have your picture taken.
  6. Ever since the year 2011, all offices will create and give you a new more secured driver's license on location. You will walk away with your new license.

If you have a question, you may call the Office of Driver Services (ODS) at 501-682-7060 OR email them at


Arkansas Drivers License Renewal Documents

These documents are required when presenting yourself at a revenue office for your renewal.

  • Social Security: You do not need to show your social security card, but you do need to give your complete number. It will be verified against the SSA database. If you do not have a SSN because you are not eligible, you will be required to sign a written declaration confirming that you do not have one.
  • If you've had a name change, you must bring proof of your new name. Please show a court order, marriage license or divorce decree.

Auto Insurance

By Arkansas law, you must be properly insured in order to operate a vehicle. If not, the driver services Insurance Verification section will place you into a not insured categoryEvery drivers needs to carry liability insurance in AR.

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