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drivers license address change new hampshire - NH

Recently moved and need to change the address that appears on your license? Process your New Hampshire Drivers license address change now and avoid having to visit a DMV office. The New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles office will give you a couple of different options to update your drivers license address. You can always go in person to your new hampshire dmv office, but more conveniently you can have the update sent via postal mail. Continue reading below to find out about the requirements and cost associated with this change.

New Hampshire Drivers License Address Change Information

In the state of New Hampshire you are given a maximum of ten (10) days to notify the DMV of your new address. It is important to know that you also need notify to the Social Security Administration about any changes, because you will be asked to fill a form with your Social Security Number and it has to be up to date. To perform the update with the SSA, you will need to provide them the new information and the documentation that shows your new address.

By Mail

Change of address must be done via mail.


  1. Please complete the Record Change Request Form
  2. After you complete and mail the above form, the DMV will update their system and you can print your new address and stick it on the back of your drivers license ... It's very simple!
  3. Please send all of the information in an envelope to the following address:

    Department of Safety
    New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles
    Driver Licensing
    23 Hazen Drive
    Concord, NH 03305

Cost for New Hampshire Drivers License Address Change

There is no fee for a change of address to your drivers license. However, if you would like a duplicate with the new address, you will have to pay the amount of $10.

Documents Required

Please be sure to have the following requirements listed bellow:

  • Pay stub
  • Utility bill
  • Town Clerk Residency Letter
  • Photocopy of your Social Security card