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drivers license address change new york - NY

Do you need to change the address on your license? Process your New York Drivers license address change now and avoid going to the DMV. There are four ways in which to change the address on your NYS license or ID. The following are your options: Online, By Mail, By Phone or In Person. Going in person to any new york dmv office is very convenient because the NYS DMV employees will tell you what forms need to be completed. As a final option, you can also sign up on our website and download your drivers license address change checklist. We’ll supply you with all of the required forms, rules, and steps. Please click below to get started with your New York license address change.

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NYS Drivers License Address Change Information

All new addresses must be updated with the DMV within ten (10) days of moving to your new address. You are not required to order a new physical license or ID but the majority of drivers opt for a new card with the new address. Please write down your new address on the space provided in the back of your current drivers license or ID card.

Its important to note that you will not be allowed to process the change while you are going through the renewal or license replacement steps. You must first process the change of address individually. Please note: you are not required to update your address for temporary changes such as going to school or military addresses. Finally, if you have any outstanding traffic violations, please call the Traffic Violation Bureau at 718-488-5710 (NYC) or 518-474-0941 (Rochester) to have them paid off.

You can also Register To Vote when updating your change of address, as long as you are a U.S. Citizen and you have lived for more than 30 days in the New York city or county.



  • The online address change service requires you to create a free account with the NYS DMV site.
  •  Visit the Change of Address page to begin your online New York license or ID card address update. 

By Mail


  • Download the Change of Address MV 232 Form to update your drivers license or ID.
  • Very important: The above document will serve to update your address internally with the NYS DMV and is free of charge to process. However, if you wish to have a new physical license or ID card sent to you, there is a charge, and you must make sure to fill out Part 2 (on Page 2) of the MV 232 application. You will be asked to decide what type of document you are updating. Driver license changes are $17.50, ID Cards are $8.00, Enhanced Driver Licenses are $17.50 and Enhanced ID's are $8.00.
  • Your next step is to prepare a check or money order for the amount written to Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.
  • Mail the payment to the following address:

    NYS DMV License Production Bureau
    P.O. Box 2895
    Albany, NY 12220-0895

  • If you opted for a new drivers license or ID card, it will be sent via postal mail and will arrive between six (6) to eight (8) weeks.

By Phone


  • Contact the NYS DMV at the following Phone Numbers - Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm (EST).
  • Please have your current drivers license on hand because the DMV phone representative will ask you to prove your ID.
  • There is no charge to update the address by phone. However, there is a charge if you wish to have a new license or ID delivered to your address.
  • If you decide to order a new card, you must pay by credit card. When ordering a new card by phone you will pay an additional $5.00 service fee. The total fees are as follows:
    • $22.50 for a new drivers license ($17.50 + $5.00)
    • $13.00 for a new 4 or 8 year ID card ($8.00 + $5.00)
    • $11.50 for a new 10 year ID card ($6.50 + $5.00)
    • No Charge for a 10 year ID card if you are in the SSI program AND are 62 years or older, 
  • You new license or ID card will arrive via mail in two (2) weeks or less.

In Person

Visit your nearest new york dmv office and if you wish, download and pre-fill the following Change of Address MV 232 Form.


If you have not received your new license (and you requested one) or have additional questions, please contact the NY DMV Call Center.