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How to Get a Virginia Drivers License

Virginia is home to a population of approximately 8 million people of which 5 million are licensed drivers. Getting a Virgina drivers license is easy to get if you have the proper documents and requirements before going to the DMV. The minimum age to apply for a learners permit is 15 years and ½ of age. The requirements can be broken down into three categories. The first category would be if you have never previously held a driver’s license and this is your very first application. The second category is if you already have an existing drivers license from another state. And finally,in Virginia you must register with the Selective Service.

There are several types or classes of drivers licenses in Virginia. The first class is abbreviated CDL and stands for Commercial Drivers License. The second set of class is the normal or regular drivers license which covers non commercial vehicles (this is usually the class that most people apply for). And finally you have the option of applying for a motorcycle license.

Minimum Age To Get Your Drivers License in Virginia

In order to get your regular drivers license (without restrictions) in Virginia you must be sixteen (16) years and three (3) months old. In order to get your Virginia's drivers / learner's permit, you must be a minimum of fifteen (15) and six (6) months. 

First Time Drivers License in Virginia

The Virginia department of drivers license expects you to bring all the document requirements for your first drivers license. In summary, these documents are the following. One primary form of of identification, one secondary form of identification, Virginia residency proof , legal presence proof, and social security number proof. Additionally, you will have to pass a few tests. These include the vision screening (eye) test, the knowledge exam test and finally the road skills test (driving test). Teenagers who are at least 15 years of age and are applying for a learner’s permit are required to have parental or legal guardian consent. If you are under the age of 18 your application needs to be signed by your legal guardian or parent. Non US Citizens are required to show proof that they are legally allowed to reside in this country. 

Virginia Drivers with Existing Drivers License

The process is straightforward for drivers with a license from another state. Just visit the official Virginia drivers license website at to get started , and they will guide you step by step. Or alternatively you can use our website and we will do everything for you. Please click below to get started with our website. Everything is done safely.

Virginia Drivers that are in the Military

Please visit the Military Frequently Asked Questions official website to get answers to all of your questions

Virginia License Suspension

Your drivers license privilege is not permanent and can easily be revoked if you do not follow the laws of Virginia. There are a couple of different manners in which your driving license can be taken away. One form is called a Suspension and the other is called Revocation. Suspension is temporary while revocation means that it is permanently taken away. In either case you may reapply for a license at the end of your penalty. 

Your drivers license can easily be suspended or revoked for instance by giving false information to the DMV. It can also be taken away if you are convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is commonly referred to as a DUI.  It can also be revoked if you are charged with  reckless or aggressive driving. A final example of having your driving license taken away can be the result of not paying a fine or court cost.


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