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Where To Get A Drivers License In Virginia

There are almost forty (300) cities and ninety five (95) counties in the state of Virginia. Getting your drivers license in Virginia can be scary and confusing at first. That’s why has summarized and made everything as straightforward as possible. There are several steps and requirements that need to be addressed before applying for your driving license in Virginia. You can take that first step by clicking the following link

Drivers License

Just start out by giving us a few of your personal details, such as name and address, and we’ll help you begin and complete the process.

Alternatively, if you would like to do everything yourself , we will give you links to all the state forms and procedures. The very first thing you would need to do is complete the Virginia drivers license application. Or you can go in person to a Virginia DMV office.  If you are a minor and are applying for your learner license, please visit the following section for Teen Drivers. The second most important step would be to make sure that you bring all of the required documents for your license application. If you wish to view all the steps and requirements in a handy step by step outline, please open the link below and print it out or bookmark it.

Virginia Drivers License

Or you can visit the official Virginia Driver License website here:
Finally you will need to prepare for the exam. Please download the latest Virginia driver handbook here Virginia Drivers Manual

You also have the option of going in person to get your license. You’ll need to go to your closest DMV center. There is an office located in each District. Drivers license office hours in Virginia depend on the location so please make sure to check the correct one. You can either make an appointment or show up in person to perform tasks such as getting , renewing, replacing, or changing your drivers license. The same can be done for teen drivers who are applying for their learner’s permit.  

Virginia DMV offices have different hours of operation. Some offices open as early as 8am and close as late as 5pm. Some offices only open after 9am and some are even open on Saturdays. The DMV offices allow you to complete your Driver License services, such as new licenses, Identification (ID) cards, reinstatements, and administering your written and driving skills test. Motor Vehicle Services are tasks for your vehicle, trailer, mobile home or vessel. Example of these tasks could be getting a tag, parking permit for disabled people, or applying for a certificate of title. If you are disabled and need wheelchair assistance, that option is available in most offices.

Virginia DMV Offices

Just enter your city name or zip code and we will give you a list of your closest Virginia drivers license office. Click on the office that is closest to you and we will provide the phone number, address and office hours of the DMV location.
To get started with your application for a Virginia drivers license, please click below