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michigan drivers license name change - MI

Do you need to change the name on your license? Process your Michigan Drivers license name change now and avoid spending time on the SOS site. You'll have to make sure that your requirements and documents are in order before completing an official name change with the MI secretary of state. For instance, if your license is expiring soon, it's best to apply for a driver license renewal instead of a simple name change. Once you figure out what steps need to be taken, simply show up in person to any secretary of state office. We can help you make sure that you don't overlook any important step or rules. Sign up to our site and we'll give you an easy to follow guide.  

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Michigan Drivers License Name Change Information

Michigan law states that you must legally perform the name change update with the Social Security Administration. After that has been completed, the only way to have your drivers license name updated is to visit a secretary of state office in person. These are the steps:

In Person

  1. Make the change with Visit their change a name on a Social Security card page. You will be required to present legal name change documents and complete an application for a new social security card.
    • Note: Please wait at least three (3) days after you visit the SSA to allow their system to make the change.
    • You must complete this step. If you do not make the change with the SSA, when its time to renew, you will not be allowed, due to conflicting names. 
  2. Gather your active drivers license (with old name) or ID, and your name change documents. (see below for details).
  3. Visit a Michigan secretary of state office
  4. Pay the drivers license name change fee.
  5. Your new license will be issued after all steps above have been completed. 

Note: You will be allowed to renew your Michigan license if its expiration is less than three months away.

Cost for Michigan Drivers License Name Change

You'll need to pay a $9.00 fee to change your name. The following fees page contains the latest prices. Refer to the row titled Correction.

Documents Required

When showing up to the SOS office, please have the following:

You must show your current Identification

  • You must show your driver's license that is currently valid. 

Marriages, Divorces, or Court Orders

  • If name change is due to marriage, you must show your marriage license (must be certified).  
  • If name change is due to divorce, you must show your divorce decree.  
  • Any other name changes must be accompanied by your legal court order name change documents.   

To see a handy downloadable list of the required documents, please click here