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Wyoming Drivers License Information

To get your drivers license in Wyoming, you need to apply for a Class C drivers license which is also known as a Vehicle Driver's License. You must have a Wyoming license within one (1) year of establishing residency. 

Wyoming Drivers License Requirements

18 years and under 

  • Restricted Learner's Permit ("HardShip Permit")

    • A few of the requirements:
      • You must be 14 or 15 years old.
      • This permit could allow the minor to go to work or school.
      • For complete details and to get your Wyoming Permit, please SIGN IN HERE
  • Regular Learner's Permit

    • You must be 15 or 16 years old.
    • wyoming drivers ed may be required.
    • Parent or Legal guardian if under 18 years of age.
  • Intermediate Permit

    • A few of the requirements:
      • You must be 16 years of age.
      • Must have a certain amount of day and night driving time.
      • wyoming drivers ed required.
      • Parent or Legal guardian signature.
      • For complete details and to get your Wyoming Permit, please SIGN IN HERE

18 years and over


For complete details and to GET your Wyoming license, please SIGN IN HERE

Wyoming Drivers Ed

Visit our wyoming drivers ed page for more information on Wyoming driver education.

Tests Required

  • Vision Screening

  • Written Test

  • Driving Skills Test


For complete details and to GET your Wyoming license, please SIGN IN HERE


New Driver's License Class C

  • $20.00

Regular Learner's Permit

  • $20.00

Restricted Learner's Permit

  • $10.00


For complete Fees SIGN IN HERE

Documents needed to get your Wyoming Drivers License

  • Proof of Identity (Primary Documents)

    • A few examples:
      • Birth Certificate (certified copy)
      • U.S. Passport 
      • For complete list of items SIGN IN HERE
  • For Minors (Under 18)

    • Parent or Legal Guardian presence

  • Social Security

    • A few examples:
      • Social Security Card
      • W-2 form
      • For complete list of items SIGN IN HERE
  • Proof of Wyoming Residency

    • A few examples:
      • Vehicle Registration (must have name and address)
      • Vehicle Title (must have name and address)
      • For complete list of items SIGN IN HERE


Wyoming Driver Exam Office

Go to your Wyoming Driver Exam Office in order to take your required tests. You can use our locator to find the office that is closest to you.

Take the Wyoming Drivers License Test

At this point you need to make sure that you have prepared and studied all of the material for the written test. You can find the Wyoming Driver Test handbook here

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Take the Driving Test

Your last step is to show up to your local Wyoming Driver Exam Office and take the driving test.


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