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Renew drivers license quickly

Lee Peck at writes "DMV now letting private contractors renew driver's licenses"

Like most people Charity Laughlin's time is precious. She has to get her driver's license renewed, but only has an hour lunch break. Rather than wait at the Department of Motor Vehicles, Laughlin is headed to Pedersen Title Company. Pedersen Title Company is now one of many private tag agents across the state that can renew driver's licenses. "We can now renew driver's licenses, Change your address on your license, and change your last name. We can issue I.D. cards. If you've lost your license, we can get you a duplicate license," explained Matt Pedersen, owner of Pedersen Title Co.

According to the customer above, she only waited five (5) minutes to complete her driver license request. We think it's a good idea, and there needs to be more of these services in each state. If you must visit a government DMV office, the busiest days are Monday and Friday. The first and last week of each month are also the most crowded, or the days before and after a national holiday.

When using a private renewal service such as the one listed here, remember that you will be charged a small additional service fee in additional to your state's DMV service fee.

All the same fees apply, however, there is an additional $18 convenience fee.

"It's kind of a deal. What's your time worth? If you need to get in and get out in 10 minutes or so... It will cost you $18 or you can go wait a couple of hours if you have time to do so," said Pedersen.