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replacement of lost drivers license arizona - AZ

How to Replace Your Lost Arizona Drivers License

You can replace your Arizona Drivers license in person at a

The fastest way to replace your Arizona Driver's License is to go in person to a local Driver License office.

In Person

  1. Provide the necessary identification documents (See Below)
  2. If your license is older than 1995 you must have your photo taken
  3. Pay the Fee for Duplicate License

By Mail

Mail to the following address along with a check for $12.00 payable to Motor Vehicle Division


PO BOX 2100
PHOENIX AZ 85001-2100


Click HERE



Documents needed to replace your Arizona Drivers License

  • Identification (Primary Documents)

    • A few examples:
      • US Birth Certificate
      • Passport
      • For complete list of items SIGN IN HERE
  • Secondary Documents

    • A few examples:
      • License from another state
      • US Military Dependent ID Card
      • For complete list of items SIGN IN HERE