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replacement of lost drivers license ohio - OH

Lost, stolen or destroyed your current license? Get all the BMV information needed to Replace your Ohio Drivers license now. Losing your license is a very frustrating experience. Luckily, the OH bureau of motor vehicles can make your life easier when attempting to get a duplicate license. Just make sure that you gather the required identification documents and show up at any one of your local license agency offices. Continue reading below and we'll give you complete details on what needs to be done. If you are uncertain about any of the requirements, just sign up using the link below, and we'll supply you with a checklist and all of the necessary forms, rules, and steps.

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How to Replace Your Lost Ohio Drivers License

The only way to replace your Ohio drivers license is to go in person. However, the only exception to this rule is when you are serving the U.S. military away from Ohio. If so, you may request a duplicate to be sent by mail. The sections below will give you the exact details. 

In Person


  1. Organize your identification documents because you will be required to show proof of ID (see below for complete list).
  2. Visit your nearest local license agency.
  3. A BMV employee will ask you to sign a document to acknowledge that you are no longer in possession of your license (due to theft or simply because you lost it).
  4. Your picture will be compared to the one in the BMV's database. There must be a match.
  5. Additionally, your complete name, social security number, birth date, address and legal status will be matched. If there is a discrepancy, you will be asked to present those documents to clarify the inaccuracy.    
  6. Your last step is to pay the fee for a replacement / duplicate drivers license. It is currently $24.50.
  7. A new duplicate license will be issued to you immediately at the office. 

Note: Your new duplicate license will still have the same expiration date as the one that you are replacing.

By Mail - Military Drivers

If you are on active duty and are currently away from the state of Ohio, you and your dependents may file for a replacement, and the BMV will send your new license by mail. To get started with your application, follow these steps:

  • Request your out of state Operator license replacement by mail package.
  • This can be done by visiting the BMV website Here. You will need to enter your Full Name, Email Address and the reason for your inquiry.
  • OR by calling the following number: (614) 752-7600 .

Cost to Replace Lost Ohio Drivers License

The following fees page contains the prices for all driver license requests. Look for the row called "Duplicate / Replacement".

Documents needed to replace your Ohio Drivers License

Show one (1) of the following Primary Documents (Note: photocopies or uncertified documents  not allowed)

  • Examples: Driver's license, birth certificate (must be certified), U.S. passport, foreign passport (with proper immigration documents), military ID (must have photo), court order (with full name and birth date), concealed weapons id, state ID card, learner permit, U.S. immigration documents, and other approved documents (for complete list, open link below).

OR show one (1) of the following Secondary Documents

  • Examples: Voter ID card, court order (must be certified), human services card, credit card, employment ID card, birth certificate from another country (with translation if language other than English), gun permit (must have photo), marriage certificates, doctor or hospital records, insurance card, IRS documents (cannot use W-2), military papers, car title (however, car registration will not be accepted), school transcripts or school ID, social security card, and other approved documents (for complete list, open link below).

You may also view and print the following complete BMV list of identification documents page.  

Final Note:

When replacing your license at the BMV office, if any of your personal detail records do not match (as stated in the In Person section above), you will be required to show the documents which show proof of new information.