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How much does it cost in the DMV to change your name

A name change is normally required by law in most states. Typically, you will want to get your drivers license updated with your new name after events such as marriage, divorce, or simply because you’ve decided to get a new name altogether. The process of changing your name is very straightforward but you will need to research your state’s driver license rules. Each state has different steps, forms and fees that you will need to complete and pay.

Let’s take a few states and give you an example

State of Kentucky:

By law, Kentucky requires that after a name change, you must get a duplicate license within ten (10) days of getting the new name. The cost of a duplicate is $12.00

State of Alabama:

You must go in for a duplicate license. You are also required to bring the documentation that will prove your new name is legal. The cost of the duplicate drivers license is $23.50

State of New York:

The only way to change the name on your New York drivers license is to go in person to the New York DMV Office and make the change. You must take the document which showed your previous name. Finally you must take the document that shows your new name. This can include a marriage certificate, or divorce document. After proving your new name, you will need to apply for a new license. The cost is $12.50

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