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If you are 18 and get your license, do you have to wait 6-12 months to drive with people in the car

Driving with licensed drivers when you are under age is normally a requirement in every state. To give you an exact and precise answer, you would have to check your state laws on young / teen drivers. You can easily double check this using or precise and handy summary for each state. Click below

Your State Drivers License Laws

Eighteen (18) years of age is usually the cut off age where you are allowed to drive freely without any restrictions. Let’s go over a couple of states in particular. New York and California. 

New York has a law that regardless of your age, if you have a Learner Permit, you may not drive alone. You must always have someone who is twenty one (21) years or older at all times. However if you get your drivers license at the age of eighteen (18) or older, you may drive alone and you do not have to wait any number of months to drive by yourself.

California’s driving license laws are very similar as well. Let’s take as example drivers that apply for their license after turning eighteen (18). After age 18, your license is of the normal class and you can drive by yourself at any time. The only exception is when you are issued a Permit instead of a full license. This occurs when this is your very first license. If you have never possessed a driver’s license, you will first be issued a Permit. With the Permit, you must always be accompanied by someone who is over eighteen (18) years of age and with a valid full drivers license from California.  

We hope this clears up any doubts that you might have. Please remember to double check your particular state laws.

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