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I lost my driver license how much does it cost so i can get another one at the dmv

Losing your drivers license is very common and can be a major  inconvenience. Unfortunately, every state has its own rules , procedures and fees for dealing with a lost license. You’ll have to visit your local dmv office and ask for a replacement or duplicate drivers license. Some states will allow you to process your duplicate online, while other states will require you to go in person and fill out an application.

Let’s go over a few states and see how they handle the issue of a lost drivers license.

Replace Alaska Drivers License

You will need to provide your identification documents, take the vision test and pay the duplicate license fee. The fee is $15.00.

Replace Alaska Drivers License

Provide your identification documents, take your photo (if license is older than 1995) and pay the fee which is $12.00.

Replace California Drivers License

You will first need to make an appointment, then you must complete a drivers license application, give your prints and pay the fee of $25.00.

Replace Florida Drivers License

Florida allows you to request your replacement license online or by going in person to the DMV office. There will be a $25 fee unless you can show a copy of a police report.