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Texas Drivers License Information

To get your drivers license in  Texas, you first need to decide the type of license that best suits you.

  • Instruction Permit : This license is used for people that wish to learn how to drive. Please visit our Learners Permit section for complete details. 
  • Provisional License : Every driver under the age of 18 (except Learners Permits) will be classified as Provisional. 
  • Class A : This license allows drivers to operate one or more vehicles with a gross weight of 26,001 lbs or greater.
    • Must be at least 17 years old.
    • Drivers 17 years of age must show proof of either :
      • An approved Drivers Education course (should have actual driving and class training) OR
      • A minor hardship license.
  • Class B: This license allows drivers to operate one vehicle with a gross weight of 26,001 lbs or greater (motorcycles and mopeds not allowed).
    • Must be at least 17 years old.
    • Drivers 17 years of age must show proof of either :
      • An approved Drivers Education course (should have actual driving and class training) OR
      • A minor hardship license.
  • Class C (this is the standard drivers license which most people possess): This allows drivers to operate one or more vehicles with a gross weight of 26,001 lbs or less (motorcycles and mopeds not allowed).
    • Must be at least 15 years old. 
    • 16 year old drivers must complete an approved Drivers Education course (should have actual driving and class training).
    • 15 year old drivers must have a minor hardship license.
  • Class M : This type of license is for mopeds or motorcycles.
    • Motorcycles minimum age:
      • Must be at least  16 years old.
      • 16 year old must show proof of Drivers Education course (should have 32 hours of class training and 16 hours of Department approved Basic Motorcycle Operator Training Course).
    • Moped applicants must be at least 15 years old:

Find Your Nearest Office

All new applicants must go in person to a . Go to your Texas driver license office in order to show your documents and take your required tests. You can use our locator to find the office that is closest to you.

Requirements for Texas Drivers license

  • You must download and complete the Application for Texas Driver License form.
    • Please fill in all of your personal details and print it out. Drivers without access to printer can fill out form at local office.
  • Your picture will be taken, fingerprints will be taken, and the DPS will need your signature. 

Documents needed to get your Texas Drivers License

  • Proof of Identity (Primary Documents): Examples: Texas Drivers License with photo, U.S. Passport (Must be active) 
  • Proof of Identity (Secondary Documents): Examples: Birth Certificate (certified / original), Court order with name and date of birth  (certified / original) 
  • For Minors (Under 16): Parent or guardian Written consent 
  • Social Security Number: Examples: Social Security Card, W-2 Form
  • Proof of Residency : Examples: Lease or rental contracts, Utility Bills (must show 30 days of residency) 
  • For people not born in the U.S. or Non American citizens: Lawful presence or show documents that prove your U.S. citizenship

For complete list of items SIGN IN HERE

Sign up for a Texas Drivers Education course

18 years and under

Drivers Education is mandatory.

Between 18 and 24 years of age

Adult Drivers Education is mandatory if and only if this is your very first drivers license. Out of country and out of state license owners do not have to show proof of this. 

VISIT OUR texas drivers ed page for more information on Texas driver education.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required by law in Texas. You must proof that all of your vehicles are insured and properly registered. Click HERE to get started and we'll help you find the lowest rates in your state.

Texas Drivers License Test

Vision Test

Depending on results, applicants may be required to wear lenses at all times while driving a vehicle. This is essential in maintaning driving safety. 

Knowledge Test 

Class C test -

Note: By law, Texas is required to administer the tests in Spanish is the driver is unable to speak English. Spanish is the ONLY language where this is allowed.

Driving Test

In this test, you score will depend on four (4) basic driving skills. They are Control, Observation, Positioning and Signaling. On top of these basic skills, the instructor may ask you to perform any of the following tests: Quick stop test, parallel parking, backing up, making sure that you obey all traffic signals and stop signs, proper use of the clutch (on manual cars), making sure that you know how to properly enter an intersection,  right of way, that you how to properly pass other vehicles, that you follow cars at a safe distance, and that you drive with the correct posture. 

Don't panic if you fail the driving test. The instructor will tell you what you did wrong, how to improve it, and when to retake the test

Texas drivers license Cost

Once you pass the driving test, you will need to immediately pay the COST of your new drivers license. The only accepted methods of payment are Cash, Credit Card, Check (temporary checks not allowed), and Money Order.  

Class C Drivers License Cost

Drivers Over 18 Years of Age $25.00

Driver Under 18 Years of Age - $16.00

Drivers Over 85 Years of Age - $9.00

Learner License Cost

$16.00 - Expires on your 18th birthday

Examination Cost



U.S. Armed Forces veterans will not be charged for a new drivers license. 

Your New License

After paying for your Texas drivers license, the DPS will give you a temporary receipt. This receipt will serve as your temporary license for a total of sixty (60) days. Before the 60 days have lapsed, you will receive the actual license by mail

If you still have not received your new license in the mail after 60 days, please contact the drivers license office. You may do so HERE or by calling them at  512-424-2600 (English) and 512-424-7181 (Español). 

Note: You must always drive with the possession of your drivers license. Failure to do so, will result in a $200 fine (1st offense, possibly jail time for further offenses).

Drivers with Out of State Drivers License in Texas

Drivers from other states or countries with an existing drivers license, will have ninety (90) days to apply for a Texas drivers license. 

Requirements to Apply

  1. Visit your nearest driver license office.
  2. Complete the Application for Texas Driver License form.
  3. Show Proof of Identity.
  4. Show Social Security Number.
  5. Show Proof of Residency.
  6. Drivers with an active out of state or out of country drivers license / permit , must hand them in. You can only legally possess 1 license in Texas. You will not be required to pay the written and driving test costs. Drivers with an expired out of state or country drivers license will need to retake and pass all 3 driver tests (Vision, Written and Driving).  
  7. Pass a Vision Exam.
  8. Applicants younger than eighteen (18) are required to take and pass the Driving Test.