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Texas Drivers Education Requirements

In order for new drivers to get credit for Drivers Ed, you'll need a certain number of Classroom hours, and a certain number of actual Behind the Wheel driving hours. You can get these credits by completing one of three (3) different types of drivers ed schools.  

Under 18

Every teenager who is under eighteen (18) years of age must take a drivers education course in in order to receive his first license. 

Over 18

Drivers Ed in Texas is not required if you are older than eighteen (18). Note: There is an exception. If you are either 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, or 24 years old, and this is your first license, you will need to attend and pass a Texas Adult Driver Education and Safety Course. This law was passed back in March 1 of 2010. The only way to avoid taking this adult course is if you present an active out of state or out of country drivers license.

Online Drivers Ed Texas

There are many online drivers ed sites in which you could enroll. A good place to start is the following site

Parent Taught Drivers Ed

The last option is to get your Driver Education from a parent or legal guardian which is qualified by the Texas DPS.

Parents must follow these steps to become a parent drivers ed trainer:

  1. Request the Driver Education Packet by downloading and completing the following DL-92 Application for each driver. 
  2. You must send a payment of $20 to the mailing address listed on the top portion of the application. Cash not allowed. Only check or money order. 
  3. You must buy the course materials. A list of approved ones can be found Here.

Licensed Driver Training School

These are commercially licensed driving schools. A complete list of these schools sorted by your city in Texas can be viewed Here

Public Schools

Drivers Ed is also offered in certain Universities, Public Schools and colleges throughout {TEXAS}.  A complete list of these schools sorted by your city in Texas can be viewed Here

Driver Education Cost

Every school will have a different price. If you are looking for cheap prices, please confirm and compare for yourself.