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drivers license address change minnesota - MN

Recently moved and need to change the address that appears on your license? Process your Minnesota Drivers license address change now and avoid spending time on your DMV website. Arm yourself with the right instructions and procedures. The MN DVS has a simple process for you to change your address. You either have to renew your license or simply apply for a duplicate with the corrected info. You can do so by visiting your minnesota dmv office in person. Don't forget to bring the documents which show proof of your new address. Continue reading below to find out about the requirements and costs associated with this change.

Minnesota Drivers License Address Change Information

You must act quickly once you change your address. The law in Minnesota gives you a thirty (30) day period for you to visit the Driver and Vehicle Services office to make the change. This is very important, or you will be in violation and could be subject to fines. On top of this, by not having a current address on file, you will not receive important notices about your license. 

You must go In Person (read below) to either apply for a replacement / duplicate or a renewal. Renewal is usually better if your license is about to expire. Read more about how to renew a Minnesota license here.

In Person


  1. You must first find your minnesota dmv office location.
  2. Decide on whether you will be renewing or replacing your license. 
  3. Make sure that you gather and prepare yourself with all the required documents (read below) to validate your new address.
  4. Bring money to pay for the change of address Fee (read below for details). Note: The ONLY forms of payment accepted are Cash and personal Check.  The fee is the same if you are under the age of 21.

Renewing Your Minnesota Drivers License:

This is the ONLY option available for all drivers, except drivers who are current out of state. 

  1. Please locate your closest minnesota dmv office and show up in person for your Minnesota license renewal.
  2. A renewal application must be filled out (this will be provided at the office).
  3. Bring your current expiring drivers license or ID as it will serve as Proof of Identification. If you do not have your current license, you must read carefully and produce one primary and one secondary document from the following Proof Of Identitification list.
  4. Have your Social Security Number. 
  5. All applicants for a renewal or new drivers license must pass a Vision Test.
  6. Have you photograph taken.
  7. Bring money to pay for the renewal FeeNote: The ONLY forms of payment accepted are Cash and personal Check.  The fee is the same if you are under the age of 21.

Your new license will be issued after completing all the requirements. 

Minnesota Drivers License Renewal Documents

When going in person to your nearest DMV renewal office, please have the following documents with you.

  • Your current Minnesota expiring drivers license or ID. If you do not have it,  please furnish the documents listed on this Proof Of Identitification page.
  • Your Social Security Number.

Contacting the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Phone: 651-297-3298

Cost for Minnesota Drivers License Address Change

Changing your address depends on whether you are renewing your license or applying for a duplicate (that will display new address). 

The cost is  $26.25 for a Class D license . Same price if under 21 years of age. 

The cost is $15.75 for a duplicate (all classes) . 

For more information on the latest Minnesota DMV prices, click on the Fees page.

Documents Required

Proof of your address change must be shown: 

  • Marriage certificate (must be certified)
  • Divorce decree (must be certified and the name change needs to be listed)
  • Court order (must be certified and the name change needs to be listed)
  • You must also show at least one (1) Primary and one (1) Secondary document
  • Note: The DPS office must clearly see a link between your primary, secondary and proof of new name documents.
  • Primary Documents include:
    • Certified birth record, U.S. passport, passport from another country, tribal ID card, Canadian birth certificate, etc.. Click Here for a complete list of the Primary Documents.
  • Secondary Documents include:
    • Any one of the other primary documents above, driver license (with photo), social security card, marriage certificate, Canadian court order, student ID card, etc..  Click Here for a complete list of the Secondary Documents.