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nevada drivers license name change - NV

Do you need to change the name on your license? Process your Nevada Drivers license name change now and avoid spending time on the DMV site. You'll have to make sure that you complete a few steps before you're allowed to make the change with the NV DMV. All requests for name changes must be done in person at a nevada dmv office. Our mission is to help you ease the process of figuring out the steps required to perform this change. Continue reading below and use our site to download your easy to follow guide. 

Nevada Drivers License Name Change Information

Driving or possessing a license with an old name is not allowed. You must schedule to make this change as soon as possible or you may get into trouble if questioned by a police officer or any other government agency. Before performing the change with the Nevada DMV you must contact the social security agency to inform them of the change.

In Person


  1. Your first step is to visit the Social Security Administration and perform the change with them. You will not be allowed to change your name with the DMV until the SSA has updated your name internally. That's because your name will be checked against the SSA and they must match. It's best to wait for at least two (2) days after performing the change with the SSA before visiting the DMV offices.
  2. You must go in person to any one of the nevada dmv office offices.
  3. Please complete and fill out the Non-Commercial Driver License Application.
  4. Make sure that you have your current driver's license and all other required documents.
  5. Make payment.
  6. When approved, you will be given a temporary license and a hold will be punched in your existing drivers license. Your final license with your new name will be sent by postal mail.

Note: If you have additional questions you may contact the DMV. Be sure to have the following items ready: Name, mailing address, phone number, birth date, last four digits of license number and last 4 of SSN.

Cost for Nevada Drivers License Name Change

You have to pay the amount of $8.25. Please refer to the fees page for the latest prices. You are allowed to pay with cash, check, credit or debit or money orders.

Documents Required

The following documents are required when visiting the DMV office to change your name:

  • Your current license with old name
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Court Order
  • Your social security number will be verified with the SSA

NOTE: Only originals documentation or certified copies are accepted.