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new mexico drivers license renewal - NM

Renew your New Mexico drivers license. Prepare all your MVD info. Get all the forms, rules and steps required for your NM drivers license renewal. There is only one way in which to process your renewal in the state of New Mexico. You must visit your nearest mvd field office and bring all of your requirements and money to pay for the fees. You will be issued a temporary license and your final license will be sent via mail. if your current license has expired you might be required to retake certain tests. Sign up with our site, and we'll go over everything in detail and give you step by step instructions so that you're properly prepared for your MVD visit. We’ll supply you with all of the required rules, forms, and procedures. Please continue reading below to get started with your New Mexico license renewal.

New Mexico Drivers License Renewal Information

Expiration Date

Driver licenses in the Land of Enchantment expire depending on the option that you chose the last time it was issued. The expiration date may also depend on your age. 

  • When you last applied for your license you had the choice between purchasing a four (4) year license OR an eight (8) year license.
  • However, if you were of age seventy five (75) or more, your license would only be valid for one (1) year. The benefit of this age group is that there are no renewal costs.

To be certain of your expiration date, please take a look at the front part of your license card, as it will clearly tell you. 

Renewal Notice

Unlike other states, the New Mexico MVD will not mail you a renewal reminder. That's why it's crucial to always know beforehand of your upcoming renewal date. If you are unable to verify the date because you have lost your current license, please contact the MVD and ask them about your renewal options. You may also give them a call at (888) 683-4636.

When To Renew

The smartest thing to do is renew before your license expires. This will ensure that you plan ahead and don't run into last minute complications. The NM motor vehicle department will allow you to go into any MVD field office ninety (90) days before your actual renewal expiration date. However, don't wait more than thirty (30) days after its been expired, or you will be required to pass extra requirements. As a final note, never drive with an expired license. 

Expired New Mexico License

On top of breaking the law and possibly receiving a traffic ticket, driving with an expired license will cause unnecessary requirements at renewal time. For instance, if you go as far as one (1) year with an expired license, you will be forced to retake the written knowledge test. In more severe cases, if you wait longer than five (5) years to renew your license, you will required to retake both the written and driving tests. 

Driving in accordance with traffic laws is important if you wish to conserve your driving license. Severe violations will cause your license to be placed under suspension. Examples of these violations include DUI convictions, falsifying information at issuance of a driver's license, or lending your license to someone else. 

You will not be allowed to renew your license if it is currently under suspension. You must serve your suspension period and pay any fees that are due for reinstatement. Your suspended license will more than likely cause your insurance company to raise your premium. You should shop around for a more affordable insurance rate by using our free Car Insurance Guide.

Renew New Mexico Drivers License Online

Online renewal is not an option in New MexicoYou must go In Person or if you are active duty military you may renew by Mail

New Mexico Drivers License Renew by Mail

Renewal by Mail is not allowed for drivers in New Mexico. If you are currently on active duty with the U.S. Army, please read the section below specifically detailing your instructions.

New Mexico Drivers License Renewal for Military Drivers

If you are currently on active duty in the the U.S. military, you and your spouse, are given an automatic extension to the expiration of your driver's license. It will be valid for the duration of your service plus an additional thirty one (31) days from your return to New Mexico. Your return can be because your military service has terminated or simply because you have moved back.

You must renew In Person before the thirty one (31) days have elapsed. These are the steps:

Requirements to Renew In Person for U.S. Military Drivers

  • Visit your closest mvd field office.
  • You are only required to show your expired driver's license (as proof of ID) if it's been expired for no more than twelve (12) months.
  • If it's been expired for more than twelve (12) months, you are required to show your discharge papers and your expired driver's license.
  • Bring money to pay for the cost of your renewal.
    • 4 year licenses are $18.00.
    • 8 year licenses are $34.00.
    • If you are seventy five (75) years of age or older, it is free.
  • Your expired driver's license will be hole punched and returned to you.

You will be given a temporary driver's license, because New Mexico will mail you your final card in no more than 45 days. The temporary license is valid for forty five (45) days. 

Renew New Mexico Drivers License In Person

Unless your license is currently suspended or revoked in any U.S. state, renewing in person at an MVD office is the only way to get your new license. 


  • You will need an Identification document. Your current expiring driver's license will serve to satisfy this requirement. 
  • Visit an mvd field office.
  • Pass the written knowledge test if and only if your license expired more than twelve (12) months ago.
  • Pass the driving test if and only if your license expired more than five (5) years ago.
  • Bring money to pay for the cost of your renewal.
    • 4 year licenses are $18.00.
    • 8 year licenses are $34.00.
    • If you are seventy five (75) or older, it is free.
  • Your current drivers license will be hole punched and returned to you. 

Your new license will be sent via mail in less than forty five (45) days. This is because the New Mexico MVD takes your privacy seriously and only issues secure federally accepted Real ID licenses. In the meantime, you will walk away from the MVD with a temporary permit that is valid for 45 days. Please use this temporary license alongside your hole punched license if questioned while driving. 

Note: If you have any questions concerning the status of your final license, you may contact the MVD by using the following MVD Web Page. You will need to enter your driver's license number and your birth date. 


New Mexico Drivers License Renewal Documents

Please bring the following when renewing in person. 

List of Documents

  • There is only one (1) document that you must show and that is your current expiring driver's license
  • If you have lost your current license, please bring the following Proof of Identity documents. 

Auto Insurance

New Mexico has a law that is referred to as Mandatory Insurance. This means that you must always drive a car that carries liability insurance in the event that you are in an accident and there is bodily harm or property damage. Never drive a motor vehicle that is not insured or you will face severe penalties. These include having your registration taken away and possibly facing criminal charges.

The first step in acquiring insurance is shopping online and comparing rates. We can help you do that here. If you already have insurance, you may see if you qualify for a lower premium by using our free Insurance Center.