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replacement of lost drivers license new jersey - NJ

Lost, stolen or destroyed your current license? Replace your New Jersey Drivers license now and avoid going to the MVC. The procedure to order a duplicate will depend on whether you are in the state of NJ or temporarily outside of the state. In both instances, you may easily order a new one. You may also show up in person to your local motor vehicle agency. By signing up to our site, we can help you order your duplicate. We'll make sure that you receive your easy to use guide, and we'll provide you with any forms and steps. 

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How to Replace Your Lost New Jersey Drivers License

Immediately after you notice that your license has gone missing, either because you accidentally lost it, or because you've been the victim of theft, you'll want to file for a duplicate license. You cannot drive without a license, so don't risk getting a ticket. If you are living in-state please follow the In Person rules below. If you are not currently in the state of NJ, you'll need to follow the Out of State instructions. Let's go over each in more detail:

In Person

  1. Gather all your necessary 6 point Identification documents (see below for complete list)
  2. Locate and show up to your local motor vehicle agency.
  3. You'll need to pay the $11.00 duplicate license fee.
  4. You will walk away with your new duplicated license.

By Mail - Only for Out of State Drivers

We understand that out of state drivers cannot show up in person. As long as you meet and follow the requirements, replacing your lost license should not be a problem. 

Requirements to Replace Lost License By Mail While Out of State

  • Your license cannot have been lost for over three (3) years ago.
  • You must not be currently living in the state of NJ, and you must be a citizen of the U.S.
  • Commercial driver license holders may not apply for a replacement by mail.
  • You must have a New Jersey license and you must reside in the state of New Jersey. 
  • Only non digital licenses can be replaced. If your license has a digital picture, you cannot apply for replacement, but instead must apply for a NJ license renewal.


  1. Gather and make copies of your 6 point identification documents (see below). Do not send originals.
  2. Make sure that you have an out of state address.
  3. Please call the State of New Jersey MVC at the following number: (609) 292 6500 . Extension 5076
  4. Make sure to tell them that you are out of state and would like to apply for a duplicate license. 
  5. The fee is currently $11.00

Cost to Replace Lost New Jersey Drivers License

The following page has the latest fees to order a duplicate license.

Documents needed to replace your New Jersey Drivers License

To order your duplicate license, you'll need to show documents which meet NJ's 6 Point ID Verification rule. In order to pass the 6 point verification, you'll need to select documents that have a total of 6 points or more. Each document has its own score or point. Let's go over those documents below. 

These must have a total of 6 points or more

  • Bring at a minimum, one (1) document from the list of Primary ID documents.
    • The documents in this primary group, have varying points. Some are worth 4 points. Others are worth 3 points, while others are worth 2 points.  
  • Bring at a minimum, one (1) document from the list of Secondary ID documents.
    • The documents in this secondary group, have varying points. Some have 3 points, while others have 2 points, and some have 1 point.  

Social Security

  • Your Social Security Number is required and it will be cross referenced with that of the database. 

Proof of New Jersey Address

  • You must show one (1) document which shows proof that you live in the state of New Jersey.  

To see and download a list of all documents, open the following PDF file. Or you may use this web page to guide you in choosing your documents.