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Can I still obtain my Florida learner's permit without my social security CARD

To get your Florida drivers license, you will need to provide the proper identification in order to prove that you are who you say you are. Both citizens of the USA and non-citizens are allowed to get new drivers licenses, but each one will have to provide slightly different documents. Let’s go over those details a little further:

You will need to show documents that prove your Identity, your Date of Birth, your Residential Address and your Social Security Number. In order to show proof of Social Security, you do not need to specifically show the card, but you must show a document that displays your social security number. Finally, the name that is tied to your Social Security must be the same name as the one that you are applying to get a drivers license. 

You are allowed to show one of the following for proof of Social Security:


- Original Social Security CARD

- W-2 form

- Pay Check or Pay Stub

- SSA-1099

- Any 1099 (must not be handwritten)


In the event that you do not have a social security number, you must request a letter from the Social Security Administration, that says you were never given a social security number. You can contact the agency here. But you must show one more proof of identification (apart from the letter). This can be a drivers license from another state, an insurance policy document, an ID card from another state, a marriage certificate, court order, etc...  

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