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In Florida can you get your driver license without an appointment

The answer to the question in its short form is yes but only if you visit the correct driver license office.  However it’s very important that we analyze the question a little further. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles in Florida is in charge of all your driver license needs. Its best if you go prepared with all the necessary questions answered before walking into any Florida dmv office.

First you need to figure out and map all of the DMV offices around your area. You can use our florida dmv office finder here at our site. Just type in your zip code or city name and we’ll list them out for you. Alternatively you can simply go directly to the state of florida’s website and they will also provide you with the same list of dmv offices. Click here to visit their site.

Florida DMV offices offer three types of services. Each office can offer one of the following types of services. Dual Service Centers, which offer both driver license and motor vehicles services. Motor Vehicle Service only, which do not offer driver license services. And finally they have Driver License Service Only offices, which only offer driver license services.

Some offices require you to make appointments, and those will clearly be labeled as such.

Other offices only offer a limited amount of driver license services. There are also some offices which do not offer driving tests or written test so you will not be able to completely get your driver license at an office like this.

There you have it. You can definitely walk into a Florida dmv offices to get your driver license , however if the office is busy taking of care of customers that have previously booked an appointment, then you will be left waiting for a very long time.