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What Do I Need to Renew My License In Florida

We’ll show you in a few paragraphs everything that you need to renew a Florida license. It is very important to renew your Florida drivers license before its expiration because if not, you will be charged a delinquent fee. There are three different ways in which to renew your license. You can show up in person to any Florida dmv office , you can process your renewal online, you can send everything via mail, or you can use our convenient and easy to use website. We’ll supply you with all of the forms , rules, and steps. Please click below to get started with your florida license renewal

Renewal Of Florida Drivers License

Under certain circumstances your only alternative to renew your license in Florida will be to show up in person at the DMV. Drivers who are non U.S. citizens must show up to a driver license office in order to present your legal presence documents. The other circumstance where you are required to go in person is if you are a driver of age eighty (80) and above. The reason for this is that you must take and pass a vision test. The Florida driver vision test is free of charge at any dmv office, or you can elect to have a licensed Doctor perform the test. If you choose to have a doctor perform the test, he or she must complete the following form.

As with all DMV appointments you must be fully prepared and take all documents with you, the day of your Florida license renewal. The documents required are as follows. You must show Proof of Identity. This can be in the form of a certified U.S. birth certificate, a U.S. Passport, or a Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship. Secondly, you will need to show Proof of Social Security. Your original social security card can be shown, or a pay stub or your W-2 form.  You will also need to show Proof of Residential Address. You will need to show two (2) documents that prove your residence address. Examples of these documents can be any of the following: mortgage or rental agreements, your Florida voter registration card, Florida vehicle registration, parent’s or or legal guardian proof of residential address, school transcript, and a few others. For your complete Florida DMV details, please click below to get started.


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Florida Drivers License