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Will Florida accept an out-of-state driving permit

A driving permit, more commonly referred to as a Learner Permit in Florida, is needed if you wish to learn how to drive on public roads. The minimum age to apply for a permit is fifteen (15). Since every state has its own unique rules and regulations, the answer to the question would be no. The reason is that Florida wants teen drivers or drivers who are learning how to drive, to follow all the steps and requirements before obtaining a regular drivers license. Let’s summarize those requirements below.

Your first requirement in obtaining a driving permit would be to complete a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course. The only way to avoid having to take this course would be to show a regular drivers license from another state (not another permit). If you are under 18 you also need parental consent. Finally you will need to show your appropriate identification documents.

As noted, Florida is very specific about what information you need to show prior to obtaining a learners permit. That’s why you cannot bring a permit from another state. You would need to start over and complete all of Florida’s driving requirements.

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