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How does an adult immigrant get a driver's license in Florida

This is a great question because Florida is home to a high number of immigrants. As of 2011, Florida is a state with almost 20 million people. This ranks Florida as the fourth most populated state in the country. Out of those 20 million people, 20% of the people were born outside of the USA.  

To get your Florida drivers license as an immigrant, you will need to show up at your local Florida DMV office,  pass a few tests and provide the appropriate identification documents. The requirements for both citizens and non citizens are very similar with the exception of the primary identification documents. Let’s go over the steps a little further:

Florida Drivers Test


These consist of the Vision test, Road Signs Test, Road Rules test and the Driving test. In order to practice for the road signs and road rules test, you may download the Florida drivers handbook HERE.

Documents Needed

Immigrants  must show one Primary Identification document, and it can be any one of the following:

  • Green card or I-551 Form
  • I-551 stamp in passport or on I-94
  • Immigration Judges Order, with the customer's A-number, granting asylum
  • I-797, with the customer's A-number, stating the customer has been granted asylum 
  • I-797 or another form from the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, with the customer's A-number, stating the customer's application for Refugee status is approved  

On top of that you will need to show Proof of Social Security Number

You are allowed to show one of the following for proof of Social Security:

  • Original Social Security CARD
  • W-2 form
  • Pay Check or Pay Stub
  • SSA-1099
  • Any 1099 (must not be handwritten)


If you were never given a social security number, you need to request a letter from the Social Security Administration, that validates the fact that you were never assigned a social security number. You can contact the agency here.

Please click on the links below for more information about obtaining your Florida drivers license.

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