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california drivers license name change - CA

Do you need to change the legal name on your license? Process your California Drivers license name change now. The California DMV only allows you to legally change the name on your license by the act of going in person to any california dmv office. Alternatively, you can sign up with our site and download your drivers license name change checklist. We’ll supply you with all of the necessary forms, rules, and steps. 

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California Drivers License Name Change Information

Before going in person to a DMV office, you must legally perform the update with the Social Security Administration. Their website is or you may go directly to the change a name on a Social Security card page. You will be required to gather your legal documents and complete an application for a new social security card. This application must either be submitted by mail, or personally taken to a social security office. After that has been taking care of, please proceed to visit a CA DMV office in order to complete your name change.

To keep your identity confidential and to reduce identity theft, the CA DMV will verify your social security number, and personal information details with the SSA. Please read below for further instructions.

In Person

Showing up in person is the only way to change the name on your license. The procedure involves applying for a new drivers license.


  1. Decide on which California california dmv office you would like to visit. To save time and make your visit easier, book ahead of time by using the state's online appointment service. Note: An appointment is not required.
    • To begin, you must enter your first name, last name and phone number. 
  2. Prepare to bring your current drivers license or ID plus the other required documents to prove your new name (see below for details).
  3. You will be required to complete a DL44 Driver's License Application.
    • Note: You may not download this form from the DMV's website, because each form must be individually scanned by an employee. However, you may save time by visiting a DMV office and picking up a form before your appointment. The CA DMV may also mail you the form if you call them at 800-777-0133.
  4. At the DMV office, a thumb fingerprint, photograph and signature are required.
  5. Bring the correct amount to pay the Class C drivers license name change fee. If you are not requesting a name change on your license but rather on your ID, the following are the fees.

You will not walk out with your new license or ID (with new name). It will arrive by mail in less than sixty (60) days to the address on file. Instead, the DMV will give you a temporary license or receipt which will be valid for ninety (90) days. If you have moved recently, please notify the DMV employee and have him/her update your license address. If you would like to do this yourself before your name change appointment, please use our address change page. 

Note: If more than sixty (60) days have lapsed and you have still not received your new license, please call the following toll free number: (800) 777 0133.

Cost for California Drivers License Name Change

  • These are the latest fees, for regular class C driver's license name changes. 
  • These are the latest fees for identity name changes.
  • There is no cost for updating the name on your Identification card if you are a senior citizen.

Note: You may not pay with a credit card at the DMV office. The only forms of payment allowed are cash, money order, check or a debit card. 

Documents Required

The following is a requirement for all drivers looking to change the name on their license or identification card. You must either show a date of birth and legal presence document OR a document which proves your true full name (explained below).

  • You must bring your current driver's license or ID card.
  • Date of Birth and Legal Presence Document.
    • An example of this document can be your birth certificate, U.S. passport or passport card, military ID card, citizenship certificate, U.S. resident card, foreign passport with an I-94 or I551 stamp, refugee document, court order judgment, etc..
    • For a full list of documents please visit this page.
  • True Full Name Document. This is a document from the following list which shows or proves your complete legal name.
    • Allowed documents include adoption documents, marriage certificate, a document which shows legal proof of your previous and current new name, a domestic partnership document, or a divorce document.
  • If you do not have any of these documents you can use the website to order them.

Note: All of the documents above must be issued by a U.S. agency (government) and must be either original or certified copies.