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California opening locations to process new licenses for illegal immigrants

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is setting up new locations specifically to process driver's license applications for illegal immigrants. The new offices come following the passage of AB 60, signed by Governor Jerry Brown, which allows illegal immigrants to drive legally in the state starting January 2015. 
AB 60, also known as Alejo, is a law in California announced back in October 2013. In summary, it requires the state of California to issue driver licenses to applicants who are not legal residents of the U.S. It will not become effective until the 1st of January 2015. These undocumented drivers must also pass the written and driving tests in the same manner as new U.S. citizen / residents. You can read more about AB 60 here:    
AB 60 allows up to 1.4 million illegal immigrants in the state to obtain driver's licenses.