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replacement of lost drivers license alabama - AL

How to Replace Your Lost Alabama Drivers License

You can replace your Alabama Drivers license in person at a

  1. local alabama dmv office
You will need to apply for a Duplicate License and you must show your identity documents



Documents needed to get your Alabama Drivers License

  • Proof of Identity 

    • Two forms of ID. One must have a photo of you Or 3 forms of non photo ID. One of these ID's must be from the Primary List
      • Some Examples of Primary List documents:
        • Certified U.S. Birth Certificate
        • US Passport
        • {STATE ID Card}
        • ....
  • Proof of Social Security Number

Note: Additional documents If you are not a citizen of the USA

  • Some examples:
  • Emplyment authorization document and Valid Social Security
  • Valid Visa
  • Valid I-94
  • ....