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texas drivers license - TX

New Driver's License
First time applicants for a Texas Drivers License will have to download and fill out the new drivers license application form. You'll also have to pass 3 tests. They are the written, vision and driving tests.

  Getting a New Driver's License

Renew Driver's License
All drivers will receive a notice via mail weeks before your license expires.

You can decide to renew via Mail, Online, by Phone or by walking to an office in person.

  Renew Driver's License

Replace Driver's License
Lost drivers licenses can be a nightmare to deal with. Fortunately Texas gives you 3 ways in which to replace it.

You can order a duplicate by going in person to a DPS office, by mailing a packet (if out of state) or by sending an email.

  Replace Driver's License

Change of Name
All name changes in Texas must be made in person at a DPS office.

  Change of Name

Change of Address
Texas will give you 30 days to update your new address.

You can do this either online, by mail or in person.

  Change of Address

Learner's Permit
Drivers as young as fifteen (15) years of age can begin to drive by applying for a Learners Permit in Texas. As well as new drivers of any age that wish to learn driving.

  Getting a Learner's Permit

Driver's Ed
All drivers under the age of eighteen (18) must show proof of a Drivers Education course.

  Sign up for Driver's Ed

Texas Driver License Guides and Information

Renewing Texas Drivers License

This page will cover the majority of topics dealing with a Texas drivers license. You will learn how to get a Texas drivers license. We will split the information between new drivers that are under the age of 18 and drivers that are over 18. If you need to apply for a learners permit, that part is covered as well.

We will also show you how to go about in renewing your Texas drivers license. In the event that you lose your drivers license, we’ll go into detail on how to apply for a duplicate drivers license. Finally, if you just recently moved , married or changed your name, we will show you how to change your name or change your address.