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drivers license address change georgia - GA

Recently moved and need to change the address that appears on your license? Process your Georgia Drivers license address change now and avoid having to visit a DDS office. The Georgia Department of Driver Services will allow you to perform an address update on your drivers license either online or by visiting a dds customer service center in person. Make sure to bring the appropriate documents when showing up in person. You'll also need to meet all of the guidelines below. If you prefer, we can help you through the process. Use the link below to register on our site, and download and print your address change guide.

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How to Change the Address on Your Georgia Drivers License

You must notify the GA DDS of your new address, no later than sixty (60) days from the date of the change. In this page, you'll learn about the two different ways in which to perform the update. You may visit a local dds customer service center, or proceed by using the online change of address service. Both methods have their own rules and regulations that you must follow. Let's discuss those methods below:


Some people are eligible to change their Georgia's license address online. You must meet the following qualifications:

Requirements for Online Address Change

  • This is only allowed for regular non commercial licenses.
  • If there are less than one hundred and fifty (150) days left before your license expires, you will not be allowed to change your address. Instead you must file for a renewal. During the online Georgia license renewal process, you'll be allowed to change your address. 
  • You must be a resident of the state of Georgia.
  • You must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Your new address needs to be in the USPS (United States Postal Service) database.
  • Your new address will be compared with that of the USPS. Your update with the U.S. Postal Service should have occurred less than four (4) years ago. If it was older than 4 years, you will be denied when using the online service.
  • The address on your existing drivers license will be cross referenced with the last known address from the USPS.  
  • Your vision must pass the requirements for that of a new license applicant.
    • One eye must be 20/60 and you must have a field of vision of one hundred and forty (140) degrees.
    • If your vision is not up to these minimum standards, you will be required to complete the DS-274.pdf Vision Report.  


  1. Begin Here to CHANGE THE ADDRESS on your Georgia Drivers License.
  2. You'll be required to create a free online account.
  3. There is no cost to have your address updated once during the cycle of your license. Any additional address changes must be done by renewing your GA drivers license, and paying the renewal fee. To pay the renewal fee, you may use a valid credit card.
  4. Your new license will be sent via mail and will arrive between two (2) and three (3) weeks. 
  5. If the online service denies your online request, you'll receive an email with the reason. 

Note: For any difficulties using the online page, or if more than 3 weeks have passed since you updated your address, please write or call the DDS: 

Online: Login to your DDS Account
Phone: Call the Georgia DDS at (678) 413-8400

In Person

  1. Prepare to show your identification documents. These are required. See below for a complete list.
  2. Please visit a local dds customer service center near you.
  3. Check the Wait Times before going to avoid spending unnecessary time in line.  


There is no cost to update your license one (1) time during the duration of your license. There is a fee, if fewer than one hundred and fifty (150) days remain before the expiration of your drivers license. If this is the case and your license is expiring in 150 days, you cannot update your address. You must apply for your GA license renewal and pay the renewal fee. Verify your current expiration date by looking at the front part of your card.

Documents Required

Due to the fact that the GA DDS issues licenses which conform to the secure driver's license regulations provided by the Department of Homeland Security, you will need to present the following documents when updating your license in person. There are no exceptions:

If your current license (with the old address) is not a Secure License, you will need to show two (2) documents from the list below. Otherwise, Secure License holders will only need to show one (1) document from this list.  These documents must confirm that you live in Georgia (proof of Residential Address).

  • Utility bill (must not be older than 60 days). 
  • Bank statement (must not be older than 60 days). 
  • Rental contact or agreement (must not be older than 60 days). 
  • Paycheck stub, or W-2, or military orders or a letter (in letterhead) from the company that you work for. 
  • If you are a minor, the drivers license or ID or Learners permit of your parent or guardian must be shown. 
  • Health insurance documents. 
  • Tax return documents.
  • Social Security Statement
  • If you are a student, your transcripts or report card or loan application documents can be used.
  • Homeowner insurance documents.
  • Mortgage documents.
  • Voter Registration Card.
  • For the complete list of documents, please visit the DDS Proof of Residential Address List.