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georgia drivers license name change - GA

Do you need to update the name on your license? Process your Georgia Drivers license name change now and avoid going to the DDS. Certain conditions must be met before processing a name change. We'll outline those in detail below. For instance, some circumstances will not allow you to process a name change, but you must instead apply for a renewal. If you do meet the conditions, you'll have to visit a dds customer service center in person. If you would like to make sure that you don't miss any important steps or rules, quickly sign up to our site and we'll give you an easy to follow guide.  

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Georgia Drivers License Name Change Information

The law in the state of Georgia states that you must visit a service center and get an updated new license that will show your new name, no later than sixty (60) days after you've legally changed your name. The only way to go about changing this with the DDS, is to go in person. The following are the steps:

In Person:

  1. Prepare to show your Identity Documents (see list of items below).
  2. Please visit your local dds customer service center.
  3. You may prepare ahead of time and see the wait times of each location.
  4. Your updated license will be given to you. The expiration date will remain the same as the previous one.

Cost for Georgia Drivers License Name Change

There is no cost to have your name updated once during the original length of the validity of your license. However, you will have to pay a fee, if there is less than one hundred and fifty (150) days left before your license expires. If you fall in this range, you cannot go through the name change process, but instead you must apply for a Georgia license renewal and pay the appropriate renewal fee. To check the expiration date of your license, look at the front face of your card.

There will also be a cost if you need to change your name more than once during the cycle of your license's active life.

Documents Required

Before going in person to a customer service center, please make sure to bring the following documents, or you will not be allowed to update your name:

  • If your new name is different than the one that appears on your birth record or passport, then you must present proof of that change. Documents which are allowed can be either a divorce decree, marriage certificate, adoption documents, or court ordered name change documents. 
  • If you are looking to add a hyphen to your surname, and your marriage occurred in Georgia after Nov 01 of the year 1982, you must show the marriage license application (a certified copy will suffice).
  • The law in Georgia does not allow name changes due to same sex marriages.
  • If your name change documents (marriage license, marriage application, court ordered name change document, divorce decree) are not in English, you must have them officially translated. Click here for a list of official translators in Georgia. Only use these companies, as all other individuals or companies will not be accepted.