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georgia drivers license renewal - GA

Renew your Georgia Drivers license now and avoid going to the DMV. There are three different ways in which you can renew your license in Georgia. These options are the following: At the DMV / Department of Driver Services, Online and via Mail. Every driver has the option of showing up in person to any dds customer service center. The option of renewing via mail is only valid for active duty military drivers (and dependents), and out of state students. All drivers who have a Secure ID compliant drivers license can renew their Georgia license Online. Your last option is to use our site and download your checklist. We’ll supply you with all of the forms , rules, and steps. Please click below to get started with your Georgia license renewal.

Georgia License Expiration Dates

The expiration date of your license will be set between five (5) and eight (8) years.

Renewal Notice / Info

Starting July 01 2012, the dds customer service center will start to issue Secure ID drivers licenses. If this is your very first renewal then you must go in person and show your required documents. These documents must prove your identity, residential address and social security number (read more below). If you move and get a new address please make sure to follow the change of address instructions that we’ve prepared for you.

When To Renew

It’s best if you renew your driver’s license on, or before its expiration date. You can also prepare ahead of time, and apply for renewal 150 days or 5 months before its expiration date. If you are unable to renew before it expires, try not to let it expire for more than two (2) years. If your license has been expired for over 2 years, then you will need to retake the following tests: Road Signs, Road Rules, Driving Test and Vision Test.

Renew Online

This is the quickest way in which to renew your license. However, Georgia only allows you to renew online if you meet a certain number of conditions. They are the following:

  • You must have a Secure ID compliant license. These licenses will have a Gold star in the upper right corner.
  • You are not renewing a commercial drivers license. It cannot have expired over 2 years ago.
  • Your license has not been suspended, taken away or cancelled.
  • You are younger than sixty four (64) years of age.
  • You must be a resident of Georgia.
  • You must be a citizen of the U.S.
  • You must pay your renewal fee with a credit card – Visa, American Express, Discover Card , Master Card


If you meet all the above conditions, you can renew online HERE.

Renew by Mail

This option is only available to a select number of drivers who fall into a very specific category. It is only available for active duty military drivers (and their dependents) and Out of State college students.

Renewal for Military Drivers

As mentioned, renewing by mail is an option if you are currently serving in the military. Additionally,family members can also take advantage of the renewal by mail option.

Steps to Renew by Mail for Military Drivers and Out of State Students

These are the conditions that must be met

  • License cannot have expired over 2 years ago
  • You must be a resident of the state of Georgia
  • If you are older than sixty four (64) then you must fill out and send the following vision form: DS-274

You must send your request in writing and provide the following information

  1. Your U.S. Citizenship Statement with your full signature.
  2. Your Georgia drivers license number.
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Social Security Number
  5. Your out of state Mailing address (P.O. Box is allowed)
  6. Your Georgia resident/mailing address.
  7. Military drivers or dependents must mail a confirmation letter on military letterhead. Your letter must say that you are an active military officer or a dependent living outside of Georgia. Finally, the confirmation letter should have the signature of your Commanding Officer.
  8. Students must mail a letter from the school’s Registrar Office on school letterhead. Your letter must say that you are currently attending as a full time student.

  9. Note: When renewing by mail you cannot make any changes to your information (for instance: name).

  10. You must send a check or money order written to Georgia Department of Driver Services for the following FEE
  11. The following is the mailing address
  12. Department of Driver Services
    Driver Services Special Issuance
    Post Office Box 80447
    Conyers, Georgia 30013-8447

Your renewed license will be delivered via mail.

Renew In Person at a DMV Office

You can also walk into any georgia dmv office to renew your license. The cost to renew will be $20 for a 5 year license and $32 for an 8 year license. Click here for the latest Fees. You will need to do the following to renew in person

  1. Find the location of your closest. You can view the wait times of each customer service center online. Just visit the following link
  2. Fill out a drivers license application.
  3. Your photo/picture will be taken
  4. If you are older than sixty four (64) you must pass a vision test

Documents required to Renew In Person

(Note: These documents must be original or certified. Photocopies are not allowed)

Expired License

If your license has been expired for over 2 years, then you will need to retake the following tests: Road Signs, Road Rules, Driving Test and Vision Test. However, if your license just recently expired then, you will not have to go through all the steps of acquiring a new license.

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